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FELKER Tile Saws

The felker fx-s 7 blade 2 per order free shipping is perfect for those who are looking for a powerful tile saw that will let them get the work done right. With a 7- blades per order, this tile saw can handle most projects with ease. The brushless d-blade technology means that this saw won't let you down when it comes to cutting.

Felker TC 18 Tile Cutter - New In Opened Box

Best FELKER Tile Saws Review

This dewalt wet tile saw with stand is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a powerful, easy-to-use tile saw. With a 10-inch model size, it's perfect for sawing deep into the nightmarish into brilliant, beautiful reliefs. The stand provides firm resistance and keeps the tile saw moving smoothly, making it perfect for multiple tasking. With its durable construction and easy-to-use features, this saw is perfect for any pre-made or self-made project.
the adjustable rip guide for targetfelker tile s saw is an adjustable rip guide that helps keep your tile saw in condition by allowing it to speak its name. This see-through rip guide givesto you more control over how you cut your tiles while also allowing you to see the cuts closely.
the water tube assembly for the felker husqvarna tile saw is that which you put on the spindle when you installing the tile saws. This is a small piece of plastic that connects the blade to the spindle, and holding the spindle in place with a silicon disk. The purpose of the water tube is to keep the blade from sticking to the spindle and making it difficult to cut the tile. There are two types of water tube assemblies available, one is the type that has a black plastic smell, and the other is the type with a smell of your choice.